Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Use this calculator to check your body mass index (BMI) and find out if you’re at a healthy weight or not. If not, follow the below guideline to get your correct weight.

BMI Calculator

Understand Your BMI Result

Have you calculated your BMI? Okay, now it's time to understand what it indicates about you. Are you underweight, healthy, or overweight? Let's find out.

First, check out the BMI chart and see which category you fall into. Then follow the below sections according to your weight status to achieve your healthy weight.

Adult BMI Category:

BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Healthy weight
25.0 - 29.9Overweight
30 or AboveObese


Being underweight is a sign that you're not eating enough or not following a proper weight-gaining plan.

If you're underweight, follow our muscle gaining guide to put on some healthy muscle mass and achieve your healthy weight naturally.

Or you can download our FREE muscle building plan, which includes critical gaining steps, workout, and nutrition plan to gain 12-18 pounds of healthy muscles in twelve weeks.

Healthy weight

Excellent work! If you're a healthy weight, keep doing the good work and maintain your weight healthily and naturally.

Follow the article to determine how many calories you should consume to maintain your healthy weight and become fit and healthy.

Overweight or Obese

Okay, no worry! If you're overweight or obese, analyze yourself where you're doing wrong. Check out, are your food choices right? Are you exercise in a proper plan with consistency?

It would be best if you focused on these things to lose weight:

  1. Avoid overeating junk or sugary foods.
  2. Eat whole natural and healthy foods.
  3. Workout 3-5 days a week with a proper workout plan.

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Remember, you should consume 300 to 500 fewer calories from your daily calorie intake to lose weight. To learn more about how many calories you should eat to lose weight, visit here.

In the end, be patient and stay consistent with your diet and workout to get some noticeable results.

If you've any questions or quires regarding the BMI calculator or fitness, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I'll love to answer you!

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