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Bishnu Pada Das

Hey, you amazing people, I’m Bishnu! Let’s know how it’s all started.

Back in my post-10th-grade exam, I was 17 years old, a skinny and underconfident guy. After the exam, there were a few months’ gaps for the next grade admission. And I decided to start exercising.

However, I didn’t have access to a gym or exercise equipment. So, I make a pair of dumbbells and a barbell at home with rock and cement with the help of an uncle. I’m super excited to work out every day, and during this time, most of my days are spent watching videos and scrolling through websites to learn more about exercise and diet.

I became addicted to the feeling of finishing an intensive workout and eating healthy, nutritious foods. And found the love and passion for fitness.

And after a few months, I started seeing some dramatic positive changes in my confidence and energy level, good mood, and clarity of mind, and I was able to put on some muscle mass.

I love reading fitness and nutrition books and am passionate about learning more about and trying different exercises and diets.

A day without exercising or not doing physical activity is like something I miss in the day. Beyond fitness, I love reading spiritual books, traveling, and enjoy spending time with nature.

After one boring year in a small Engineering college, I said enough is enough, and now I want to do what I enjoy doing — exercise and healthy eating.

I convinced my parents and dropped out of college. My parents are actually very supportive, and I’m so thankful for that.

I love writing, so I started a fitness blog. Interestingly, when I started blogging, the domain name was not Crazy Athlete. It was something else that was a review site, and later I changed it to this.

I’ve done my Fitness Training Certification and started creating content in the fitness and nutrition space.

Alongside me, there’re four crazy yet super passionate people who contribute to the Crazy Athlete. They are Marylyn Post (former marathon runner and running coach from the US), Flynn Wheelock (chief editor and fitness equipment specialist from the US), Keira Sydney (Nutritionist and contributor from Canada), and Naira Waller (Wellness coach and Fitness equipment reviewer from the UK).

I strongly believe that exercising hard without taking proper nutrition and enough rest is like one-third of the puzzle. You need to be up to the make in all threes — training, diet, and rest to crash your desired goal.

My dream is for it to help millions of people (like YOU), no matter what is your fitness level, to crush their goals with confidence and feel amazing.

So… Are you excited to smash your dream body with me? Let’s do that! 😉

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