ProForm Carbon T7 Review

ProForm is some of the brands very well known for their high-performance and interactive treadmills.

The ProForm Carbon T7 offers an interactive console, exciting features, and more at an affordable price.

But, can you run on this T7 treadmill? How much entertainment option will it give? And what about competition?

Read on the ProForm Carbon T7 review to know all the features, pros, and cons of this treadmill. We’ll also compare it with its competitors and give you our opinion so that you can make a sensible decision in the end.

Note: We independently select, test, and review the latest and popular fitness products to help you make better buying decisions and get more from your purchase.

ProForm Carbon T7 Review


Editors’ Rating:4.2/5
Display:7″ Interactive HD touchscreen with 30-Day iFit family membership included
Tread Belt:20″ x 55″
Motor:2.6 CHP
Speed:0-10 mph
Incline:0-10% Motorized
Cushion:ISO Flex Deck Cushioning
Item Weight:223 lb (101 kg) in-box weight
Weight Capacity300 lb (136 kg)
Dimensions:73.5″ L x 35″ W x 57.5″ H
Extras:Dual 2″ speakers, CoolAire fan, and bottle holders
Warranty:10 Years frame and 1-year parts and labor warranty

ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill: A Closer Look

Let’s have a closer look at the ProForm Carbon T7 smart treadmill.


One of the biggest highlights of this ProForm T7 treadmill is its 7″ interactive HD touchscreen, which allows you to swipe through and view your workout stats.

It gives you a 30-day iFit family membership with five user profiles. Your iFit trainers can interact with you and control the Carbon T7’s speed and incline in real-time.

You can run through different cities and trails on the planet or get pushed in a studio class, all while being led by a personal trainer in your living room.

Remember, you need a WiFi connection, a Credit Card for activation, and renew the iFit membership after the free trial.


The ProForm T7 treadmill builds with a 2.6 CHP motor which stays cool while you workout at the max speed of 10 mph, making it ideal for walkers and joggers.

Its 10% automatic incline control helps you make your workout more challenging and burn more calories while spending less time on the machine.

In terms of performance, the Carbon T7 treadmill may seem quite mediocre, but it is reasonable when looking at the other $800 treadmills on the market.


The ProForm T7 smart treadmill is equipped with a 20″ x 55″ trade belt, giving you the optimal space to jog comfortably.

ProForm integrates ISO Flex cushioning technology throughout the deck that reduces the impact and maintains your legs, joints, knees, and hips health in the long term.

Furthermore, the ProForm T7 treadmill includes a multispeed CoolAire fan that helps you stay cool. And the built-in dual 2″ speakers keep you motivated in a long-lasting session.


The Carbon T7 treadmill comes in a slim space-saver design with EasyLift assist, which helps you easily fold the deck up while its transportation wheels assist you in moving the machine effortlessly.

This smart treadmill can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight.

We recommend choosing a treadmill with 30-50 pounds higher weight capacity than your current bodyweight. It helps increase your machine’s durability and get a more smooth and stable training session.

This means you can go with this ProForm treadmill if your body weight is 270 pounds or less. If your weight is more than that, it is wiser to look for a higher-capacity treadmill.

ProForm protected this Carbon T7 treadmill with a 10 years frame and 1-year parts and labor warranty, which you’ll be highly likely to see in this price category.

What We Like

Interactive Console: The ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill offers a 7″ smart HD touchscreen where you can watch your favorite videos or work out, which is quite rare in this range.

iFit Family Membership: ProForm includes a 30-day iFit family membership where all your family members can enjoy the personal training experience in the living room.

Auto-Adjust Feature: The iFit trainers can adjust the ProForm Carbon T7’s speed and incline in real-time, which is exciting and great for making progress faster.

Self-cooling Motor: The ProForm T7 treadmill’s 2.6 CHP motor can stay cool throughout a long-lasting, powerful session.

Dual Speakers: It has double 2″ speakers that give you top-quality sound for years.

Cooling Fan: The Carbon T7 treadmill integrates a two-speed setting cooling fan to keep you cool and comfortable during training.

Space-Saver Design: The PrForm T7 is a folding treadmill that helps you save some space in your room.

Warranty: Although the ProForm doesn’t give a very extended warranty, but it is pretty decent.

Optimal Performance: The ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill gives a good combination of features (i.e., motor capacity, speed, and deck size) for smooth and comfortable walking or jogging.

What We Don’t Like

No Built-in Program: The ProForm T7 treadmill solely focus on the membership programs with zero built-in programs. This means you have to get the iFit subscription to get the programming facilities.

Credit Card Required: You need to put your Credit Card to activate and auto-renew the iFit subscription.

No Heart-Rate Monitor: ProForm doesn’t include pulse pads or a chest strap to track your heart rate. You have to separately buy their iFit heart rate armband to do that.

No USB Port: The Carbon T7 treadmill hasn’t a USB charging port. Although it isn’t so important but might be a handy option to get devices charged during training.

Comparing with Competitors

ProForm T7ProForm T10Horizon T101
List Price< $800< $900< $800
Display7″ Screen10″ ScreenThree LCD Monitor
Built-in ProgramsNoneNoneCalorie, Distance, Fat Burn, Hill Climb, Intervals, Manual
Subscription30-Day iFit Family Membership30-Day iFit Family MembershipN/A
AudioDual 2″ SpeakersDual 2″ SpeakersBluetooth Speakers
Heart RateN/AN/AYes, Contact Grips
CushioningISO Flex Deck CushioningISO Flex Deck Cushioning3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning
Deck Size20″ x 55″20″ x 55″20″ x 55″
Motor2.6 CHP2.75 CHP2.5 HP
Item Weight221 lb223 lb180 lb
Max User Weight300 lb300 lb300 lb
Dimensions73.5″ L x 35″ W x 57.5″ H73.5″ L x 35.2″ W x 57.5″ H70″ L x 34″ W x 55″ H
Warranty10 Years frame, and 1-year parts and labor10 Years frame, and 1-year parts and laborLifetime frame and motor, and 1-year parts and labor

Okay… Which one is best for you?

The ProForm Carbon T7 is best suited to people who want a walking or jogging treadmill under $800 where they can enjoy intractive training with many comfort features. (See at Amazon)

If you want a slightly larger screen, a powerful motor, and a higher incline, you can go for the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill. However, it may cost you a hundred more dollars. (See at Amazon)

Whereas the Horizon T101 (read review) may attract your eyes if you don’t want membership and a basic console sufficient for you. Other features of T101 are almost the same as the ProForm treadmills. You’ll get heart rate pulse pads and a more extended warranty on the Horizon T101 treadmill. (See at Amazon)

Summary: If you’re looking for an interactive walking or jogging treadmill under $1000, you can choose either ProForm treadmills. But if you want basic walking or jogging for under $800, then the Horizon T101 might be your favorite. 

Final Word

The ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill has everything you need for an interactive, exciting walking and jogging session. It can be an excellent option for family use.

We recommend going through the “comparison” section above to choose the best treadmill for you.

So… There we’ve it: ProForm Carbon T7 Review.

If you’ve questions regarding ProForm T7 or any other treadmill, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We’d be glad to help you out.


Can I use ProForm Carbon T7 without iFit?

Yes, the ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill has a manual mode, so you can use it without the iFit subscription.

Remember, it doesn’t include any built-in programs, which means you have to use it on your own.

Does the Carbon T7 have a fan?

Yes, the ProForm Carbon T7 has a built-in CoolAire fan with two-speed settings.

Does ProForm Carbon T7 have built-in programs?

No, the ProForm Carbon T7 heavily focuses on the iFit membership for interactive training. It doesn’t include any built-in programs.

How loud is the ProForm Carbon T7?

The ProForm Carbon T7 is a quiet/low-noise treadmill thanks to its self-cooling Mach Z motor.

Can you run on a ProForm Carbon T7?

No, because the ProForm T7 has a less powerful motor and smaller deck, which aren’t sufficient for running (e.g., we need at least a 3.0 HP motor, 12 mph speed, and a 20″ x 60″ deck for running).

However, smaller users may do light running.