Planet Fitness is one of the popular gyms in the USA, and its memes are funny, especially if you spend some time in its gym.

Although I don’t hate Planet Fitness gym, but honestly, they have some cons and unusual rules, which make them face some criticism from the world.

So, just for fun, here we’ve listed 30 funny Planet Fitness memes on the internet. Don’t take it seriously. Just enjoy! We’ll also give you answers to your Planet Fitness questions.

What are the Funny Planet Fitness Memes?

Let’s check out the 30 popular Planet Fitness memes on the internet.

1. Planet Fitness Gym Joining Meme

Credit: Charles John Kupilik

2. Planet Fitness Machine Instructions Meme

Credit: @thefitmercenary

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger at Planet Fitness Meme


4. Lunk Alarm Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: @officialdoyoueven

5. Alien at Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: Pinterest

6. Planet Fitness Compliment Meme

7. Planet Fitness Leg Day Meme


8. Heavy Crowd at Planet Fitness Meme


9. Planet Fitness Pizza Meme

Credit: Reddit

10. Gay Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: @officialdoyoueven

11. Planet Fitness Judgement Free Zone Meme

Credit: Pinterest

12. Planet Fitness Junk Food Meme

Credit: Pinterest

13. Planet Fitness Transformation Tuesday Meme


14. Globo Gym Planet Fitness Meme


15. Meanwhile at Planet Fitness Meme


16. Planet Fitness Things Cutting Meme


17. Planet Fitness Leg Machine Meme


18. Planet Fitness Mcdonalds Meme

19. Cupcakes on Planet Fitness Meme


20. Police Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: Pinterest

21. Planet Fitness BODYBUILDING Meme

Credit: @PlanetFitnessMemes

22. Life Hack at Planet Fitness Meme


23. Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Meme


24. Police at Planet Fitness Meme


25. Planet Fitness Members Meme


26. Another Meanwhile at Planet Fitness Meme


27. Planet Fitness Meme Gym

Credit: Pinterest

28. Planet Fitness Gym Guideline Meme

Credit: Pinterest

29. Pizza Day at Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: Pinterest

30. Kevin Hart at Planet Fitness Meme

Credit: @gymflow100

Is Planet Fitness really a meme gym?

Honestly, if you’re not a beginner, Planet Fitness is likely to work less for you.

It’s not a suitable gym for powerlifters, CrossFitters, or people with more than six months of workout experience because it doesn’t have the basic pieces of strength equipment and has strict rules about weight training.

However, if you’re a beginner and just trying to stay fit without heavy lifting, then you can get the Planet Fitness gym membership which is quite affordable.

Why does Planet Fitness get so much hate?

Here’re the reasons why many people don’t like Planet Fitness:

  • Strict Rules: Planet Fitness applies many rules, including no loud noises, judgment, or disruption to other people. If you break these rules, it will probably be your last day at the gym.
  • Lunk Alarm: As I told you before, if you make too much noise in the gym or drop weight, the alarm will go off, and you’ll grab everyone’s attention, which is embarrassing, and you may feel like you’re being judged.
  • Less-Energetic Environment: Generally, the atmosphere in the Planet Fitness gym is quiet and relaxed, which can be a turn-off for many people, especially those who want a high-energetic training environment.
  • Less Equipment: Planet Fitness mostly operates with machines and has fewer heavy weights, which aren’t helpful for people serious about bodybuilding or weightlifting.
  • Kills Other Gyms: Since Planet Fitness operates with low running costs, low member turnover rate, and low prices, which kills its competitors, making lots of places where the only gym is Planet Fitness. That’s why many serious athletes don’t access their desired gym closer, creating hate in people’s minds. 

Final Word

Planet Fitness can be a good gym for beginners who want to stay active and fit at a low membership cost.

So… We are done with the 30 best Planet Fitness Memes.

I hope you enjoy it. And don’t forget to let me know which one you find is the funniest. Comment below!

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What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

The lunk alarm is a loud siren (a sound) used by a national fitness chain to stop unwanted behaviors. This includes slamming weights, being disruptive, rude, or yelling while lifting weights.

The lunk alarm at Planet Fitness helps eliminate the unwanted behaviors that would make average gym-goers feel discouraged or uncomfortable and make the atmosphere calm and relaxed for people of all fitness levels.

Why do they give pizza at Planet Fitness?

According to, Planet Fitness’s pizza party started back in 1999, when a long-day shortage of hot water in the Concord, New Hampshire club (the company’s third location), the staff threw pizza parties to the members for their patience and understanding.

Why does Planet Fitness have no free weights?

Planet Fitness is strict about people’s safety and liability, preventing it from allowing people to train with heavy weights.

For example, a person doing 300 pounds bench press has a higher chance of getting hurt than a smith machine.

Also, since Planet Fitness doesn’t sell personal training, leading to less guidance about weight training, which may increase the risk of injury to working out with heavy free weights.