Nautilus T618 vs Sole F80: Which One Top the Race?

The Nautilus T618 and Sole F80 are excellent treadmills for runners in the higher mid-range category.

Both the treadmills offer almost similar high-performance features (LCD screen, powerful motor, large deck, incline, etc.), confusing buyers to find the top one for them.

Let’s read on the Nautilus T618 vs Sole F80 treadmill comparison to know the key features of each model and main differentiators and see which one provides greater value. We’ll also give our opinion so you can choose the best one for you.

Nautilus T618 vs Sole F80: Key Features

Nautilus T618

Sole F80

Editors’ Rating:4.6/54.7/5
List Price:$1,499$1,699
Display:Dual Blue Backlit LCD Screens9″ LCD Screen
Tread Belt:20″ x 60″22″ x 60″
Motor:3.5 CHP3.5 HP, DC Type
Speed:0-12 MPH0–12 MPH
Incline:0-15% Auto0-15% Auto
Cushion:Rebound Deck CushioningCushion Flex Whisper Deck
Heart Rate:Contact & Telemetry Enabled (Chest Strap Included)Pulse Grips, Telemetric (Chest Strap Included)
Item Weight:253 lbs278 lbs
Weight Capacity:350 lbs375 lbs
Dimensions:78″ L x 37.6″ W x 62.8″ H82″ L x 37″ W x 66″ H
Programs:Explore the World App based tracking tools and 26 programs, including interval, heart rate, and weight management.10 Preset & custom programs and Sole Fitness App
Extras:Accessory tray, Bluetooth technology, speakers, USB charging port, speed & incline Quick Dial controls, armrest controls, adjustable fan, media controls, device holders, water bottle holdersAccessory tray, Bluetooth speakers, USB charging port, speed & incline Quick Dial controls, armrest controls, fan, media controls, device holders, water bottle holders
Warranty:15-years frame and motor; 5-years parts and electronics; and 2-years laborLifetime frame, motor, and deck; 5-years parts and electronics; and 2-years labor

Nautilus T618 vs Sole F80: In-Depth Comparison

Let’s have a closer look at the Sole F80 and Nautilus T618 treadmill with their differences.


Let’s start off with the technology. Both the treadmills offer LCD screens. You’ll get dual blue backlit screens in Nautilus, where the Sole features a 9″ bright screen.

The Nautilus provides 26 programs, including interval, heart rate, and weight management. And its Bluetooth capability allows you to set, track and monitor progress with app-based tracking tools. You can explore 50+ destinations worldwide with Explore the World app (subscription required).

On the other hand, Sole gives 10 custom and preset programs along with the Sole Fitness app, where you can quickly transfer and track your workout data.

In the technology part, you may find a little edge in Nautilus T618 as it offers lots of global routes to run that auto-adjust your machine’s speed in real-time. However, you need a subscription to Explore the World app (about $79.99/year).

But, the large console of the Sole treadmill is more convenient for monitoring training data. 


The performance of a treadmill is crucial to look out for, especially when you’re looking for a running treadmill.

Nautilus T618 and Sole F80 both the models provide almost the same performance features, such as 3.5 CHP and HP motor respectively, 12 mph speed, and 15 levels of motorized incline control, which are standard numbers you can see in most running treadmills.

The Nautilus T618 treadmill has a weight limit of 350 pounds with 253 pounds item weight, whereas Sole F80 can support up to 375 pounds with 278 pounds machine.

So, the Sole top the race in terms of the weight limit. But in Nautilus, you may find a slightly powerful run with the CHP motor.

Going with the larger capacity treadmill is wiser if you have a heavy persona at your home.


Let’s see, one of the favorite things we want in higher-end treadmills — the comfort.

Although both the machines have the same deck length, which is 60 inches, the Sole F80 offers a slightly wider deck (22 inches) than Nautilus T618 (20 inches).

The Nautilus and Sole, both treadmill, integrate Rebound Deck Cushioning and Cushion Flex Whisper Deck systems, respectively, which are pretty efficient in minimizing your stride impacts and maximizing joints health.

Both the brands offer almost the same extra comfort features such as quick speed and incline controls, multi-speed fans, Bluetooth technology, USB ports, armrest controls, media tray, bottle holder, etc.

You’ll get a Bluetooth chest strap along with pulse sensors on the armrest handles in both machines, so you can easily monitor your heart rate without interrupting your rhythm.


One of the great things about these treadmills is that they come in a folding design, making them convenient for small spaces.

The Nautilus provides a SoftDrop folding technology that safely lowers the deck from the raised position, and its transport wheels assist you in easily moving the machine.

The Sole also provides an Easy Assist folding system, helping you fold the deck up effortlessly.

The Sole F80 might be a little ahead if we compare the weight capacity because it can load 375 pounds user weight compared to the Nautilus T618, which has a max limit of 350 pounds.

You’ll get a 15-years frame and motor warranty in Nautilus, which is pretty good but not as much as the Sole treadmill (lifetime). However, the parts and labor warranties are the same in both treadmills.

However, this might be reasonable as the Nautilus T618 cost a couple hundred dollars less.

However, if you want to read our full review about these treadmills, click the link: Nautilus T618 and Sole F80 Treadmill.

Watch Nautilus T618 in Action:

Watch Sole F80 in Action:

See Which One Suit Your Needs Very Well

Let’s check out the key differentiators of these treadmills to choose the best one for you.

Final Word

The Nautilus T618 and Sole F80 both are heavy-duty treadmills and capable of giving you a smooth and stable running experience over the years.

If you want a running treadmill with lots of programs, the Nautilus T618 might be your favorite that saves a couple of hundred dollars as well.

However, the Sole F80 may top the race due to its wider deck, higher weight limit, and a more extended warranty. And if money isn’t your concern, go for it.