A solid foundation under your feet is vital, which gives you better stability and minimizes the risk of injuries.

Investing in a pair of good-quality shoes is very important, especially when lifting heavy weights or training in the gym to avoid ankle pain and future injuries.

2016 study demonstrated that weightlifters might get more benefits by wearing proper weightlifting shoes than other regular shoes.

In this article, we’ll go through the top eleven best workout shoes for men, which can be a perfect pair for your gym workout, weightlifting, cross-training or running, and also contains some helpful FAQs to help you find your perfect match training shoes. 

Top 11 Best Workout Shoes for Men

Check out some of the best men’s workout shoes that will enhance your performance and help to avoid future injuries as well.

Note: Before purchasing any shoes, make sure you selected the correct size according to your feet and chosen your desired color. 

1. Under Armour Shoe

Let’s ready to crush your workouts with the Under Armour Assert 8 Shoe. The Under Armour Shoe uses compression molded foam for more excellent responsiveness & durability, providing optimal cushioning & energy that enhance your performance.

The durable leather overlays for stability and locks in your midfoot for a better fit, and its solid rubber outsole covers high impact zones for high durability with less weight.

The Under Armour Shoe is very lightweight, and its 3-color digital print delivers complete breathability, which makes it more stylish and workout-friendly. These shoes are suitable for gym workouts, weightlifting, cross-training, running, and at-home workouts.

2. New Balance Men’s Shoe

The New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Shoe is one of the most popular cross-training shoes in the market. This shoe is an incredibly comfortable training shoe that features cushioning from all angles – including an NB Comfort insert to get the most comfortable.

These New Balance training shoes feature a rubber sole, and its ABZORB heel crash pad absorbs impacts through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance. The 608v5 is made of a premium leather upper, which provides soft comfort to your feet.

These casual cross-training shoes include dual-density collar foam that helps prevent irritation around your ankles. These New Balance lace-up closure shoes are mainly for cross trainers, but you can use them as a gym shoe, weightlifting shoe, or they can be used as regular HIIT training.

3. ASICS Men’s Shoe

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Shoe is made of 100% Synthetic, which comes in various color option, and it’s one of the highly-rated shoes in the market.

The Gel-Venture 6 Shoe provides a rearfoot GEL cushioning system that attenuates shock during the impact phase and gives you a smooth, comfortable feel. It includes a removable sock-liner which you can remove for a medical orthotic.

The ASICS placed a high abrasion rubber in critical areas of the outsole for exceptional durability. With this pair, you can do weightlifting, gym workouts, and home exercises.

4. Under Armour Men’s Shoe

When you’re looking for a sports pair, it evident that you can’t ignore the Under Almour brand. These Micro G Pursuit Sneaker by Under Almour is an impressive option for gym-goers.

The Under Armour Men’s Micro G Shoe provide a rubber sole and can be a perfect option for athletes who needs a proper balance of flexibility and cushioning. It is also lightweight and highly breathable, which maximizes your comfort during training.

The Under Armour placed foam padding around your ankle collar and under the tongue for an incredibly comfortable feel and proper fit, suitable for gym workouts, run, and cross-training.

5. Nike Revolution 5 Shoe

The Nike Revolution 5 men’s shoes cushion your stride with soft foam to keep you in comfort. Its minimalist design fits in just about anywhere you want to go.

These Nike men’s shoes have lightweight textile that gives your foot breathable comfort, reinforced heels, and overlays for optimum support and durability. Its soft foam midsole delivers a smooth, stable ride, making these shoes more popular.

The lightweight knit wraps foot, foam midsole, rubber outsole, soft sock-liner, making it ideal for cross-training, gym workouts, running, and some circuit base training like HIIT.

6. Brooks GTS 20 Shoe

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 shoe is made for athletes who need a perfect blend of support, cushion, flexibility, and reliability.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 shoe’s DNA LOFT Crash Pad cushions take care of your every footfall, and its streamlined engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit Print offers the proven fit without excess bulk.

The Brooks Adrenaline shoe provides just the right amount of stability, support, and high energizing cushioning, making it ideal for cross-training, the gym, or wherever you might want to use them.

7. ASICS GEL Venture 5 Shoe

The ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Shoe is made of 100% Synthetic with a rubber sole for optimum comfort throughout your training.

The GEL-Venture 5 Shoe is might not as light as other lifting shoes, but its rearfoot GEL cushioning system gives you the right amount of cushion on your every footfall.

The ASICS Men’s Shoe provides AHAR outsole rubber which is critical, especially in high-wear areas. These shoes is suitable for running, cross-training, heavy lifting, and gym workouts.

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8. UMYOGO Mens Athletic Shoe

The UMYOGO Men’s Athletic Shoe is made of a rubber sole, which possesses high durability for a prolonged wearing time. Its high flexibility allows the shoes to bend while doing sports.

Its highly breathable upper material makes your feet free breath during training, and its soft cushioning system helps you to experience a pain-free workout in the long run.

The UMYOGO Men’s Shoe is breathable, durable, lightweight, and soft makes it ideal for casual, walking, travel, running, gym training, cardio exercises, and other sports, etc. These shoes’ unique design and color make them more eye-catching and attractive.

9. Feetmat Gym Sneakers

The Feetmat Men’s Gym Sneakers is lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet dry and relaxed throughout your workout session.

The Feetmat shoes are all about your comfort and safety. It provides a rubber sole for cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip performance, and the soft insole fits well to protect your ankle, tongues, and feet from hurt.

These lightweight and breathable shoes are suitable for walking, running, sports, outdoor, travel, exercise, gym workout, weightlifting, and regular home exercises.

10. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Shoe provides a premium sock-liner that features higher rebound properties while providing excellent moisture management and a high-level of breathability for your optimum comfort.

Its rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system reduces the impact of hard surfaces and allows you to transition to mid-stance smoothly. The specific outsole reversed lugs will provide you uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain.

The ASICS Shoes’ high abrasion rubber is placed in the outsole’s critical areas, giving you exceptional durability and long life, making it ideal for gym-goers, cross-trainers, and home workouts.

11. Reebok Nano 9 Shoe

The Reebok Nano 9 Shoe is made of rubber sole and an excellent option, especially for cross-training, running, gym workout, weightlifting, and HIIT.

These athletic shoes are made of 100% Fabric, making them lightweight and highly breathable, keeping your feet dry and relaxed throughout your workout. Its premium up-sole is highly durable which can last in your long fitness journey.

Workout Shoes FAQs

What are the best shoes for gym workouts?

After deep research on the market and look out for different sports shoes and brands, our experts recommend the top three workout shoes that you can go with any of the ones — Under Armour ShoeNew Balance Shoe, and Asics Men’s Shoe

Our top three picks are some of the best workout or cross-training shoes on the market. Although all the eleven we listed in our chart are top-notch so that you can choose your favorite ONE without sacrificing their quality.

What is the best men’s cross-training shoes?

When you’re looking for a cross-training shoe, you should look for the one that provides the right amount of cushion to your toes, supports lateral movement, and holds your feet securely and adequately.

There is some impressive shoe option available on the market such as New Balance ShoeUnder Armour Men’s Shoe, and Nike Revolution 5 Shoe. You can pick any of these three, and that will definitely meet your needs and requirements.

How do I choose a workout shoe?


Should workout shoes be tight or loose?

When choosing your workout shoe, it is always essential to wear a perfect fitting shoe that helps prevent injuries and improve your performance.

A right-fitting workout shoe should snug or relatively tight in the heel and midfoot. And there should be 3/8-1/2 inch (about a half thumb’s width) room between your front toe to the shoe’s end. The upper part of the shoe or your feet should be nice and comfortable — not too tight anywhere.

Can I use running shoes for working out?

Shortly yes! You can use running shoes for working out but keep in mind these shoes aren’t designed for lifting heavyweights. So wearing them for gym workouts other than running will limit their life.

When you’re doing heavy liftings such as squats and deadlifts, it’s recommended to wear a proper gym shoe because running shoes are usually made of soft cushioning, which will don’t support heavy lifting. And wearing them for a gym workout, you making them useless for running.

So it would be best to wear proper quality gym shoes that not only support your foot but also it helps to enhance your performance as well.

I hope this article will help you to get your best workout shoes for men and cleared all your question’s answers. But if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I will try my best to answer your queries.

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